The LearnTech Hub connects Europe’s most creative minds in a unique ecosystem around the education and the future of work.

As the initiator of this unique ecosystem, we actively promote collaboration between Startups, Companies, and Educational Institutions for the society of tomorrow.

We accelerate the development of the most innovative technologies in the fields of Edtech, HR Tech & New Work. Specifically, we create opportunities to diversify education and work environments, so that everyone can individually contribute to society and the working world of tomorrow.


A network for people who will shape the future

We ensure that innovative educational technologies benefit more people than ever before.


Our programs – redefining the status quo

We connect people and organizations through our Innovation Hub. With different formats, we actively promote the collaboration of startups, companies and educational institutions.


Learn Tech Membership

Our LearnTech Hub is based on membership. As a member you are part of a constantly growing ecosystem and have access to exclusive events, workshops, investors, our lab and potential customers.


Communities of Practice

By CoPs, we mean a peer learning format in which selected startups tackle practical challenges together. Challenges such as “How to master B2B Sales” are discussed jointly in small groups.


B|2|B Fast Track

The “Fast-Track” is the most effective startup program for advanced B2B startups, because we clearly focus on the growth of your company.


LTH impact Lab

The Impact Lab is available to all B2B or B2C startups that have already achieved initial success in the market and now want to tap into the B2G education market.

We connect

We simplify

We accelerate


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Fabian Klein / Program Manager.